tear-filmWhat are Viscoadaptive Hyaluronan Eye Drops?

i-drop® is the most advanced and effective artificial tear available and the only solution that uses viscoadaptive hyaluronan. i-drop® solutions adapt their viscosity with each and every blink ensuring excellent ocular surface coverage and a significantly longer lasting artificial tear. This gives patients instant and persistent relief, increasing their comfort, and lowering their total therapy cost due to the need for fewer applications.

i-drop® for chronic (long-term) mild to moderate DES.
i-drop® Pur for chronic (long-term) mild to moderate DES and compatible with contact lenses.
i-drop® Pur GEL for chronic (long-term) moderate to severe DES and overnight use.
i-drop® PLUS for acute (short-term) and seasonal DES.

i-drop®, viscoadaptive eye drops, for the treatment of dry eye conditions, provides the combined advantages of a cohesive physical property, due to the viscoelastic hyaluronan inactive ingredient, and a dispersive physical property, due to its low molecular weight glycerin lubricant. Collectively, these combined biopolymers within the
i-drop® viscoadaptive eye drops supplement the tear film (as seen in the image), promote excellent coating and recoating of the surfaces of the eye, provide superior moisturizing and lubrication for enhanced patient comfort, and have longer residence time without blurring or foreign body sensation. Separately, neither a cohesive viscoelastic eye drop nor a dispersive viscous eye drop offer the total benefits that are achieved in this viscoadaptive eye drop which incorporates both of these different biopolymeric components.


Benefits of i-drop®

  • Long-lasting patient comfort due to elastoviscous properties
  • Superior moistening and lubrication of the cornea and conjunctiva
  • Long residence time, blink-activated coating and recoating of the ocular surface
  • Fewer applications during the day and night
  • Natural, non-toxic biopolymers
  • Well-documented safety and efficacy of each biopolymeric component
  • Preservative-free, no toxic effects often associated with preservatives

Your choice of Viscoadaptive Eye Drops

Multidose Preservative-Free Bottle: i-drop® Pur AND i-drop® Pur GEL

Launched in 2014, i-drop® Pur and i-drop® Pur GEL is I-MED Pharma’s fourth generation preservative-free, easy to use, viscoadaptive hyaluronan (HA) drop for dry eye. i-drop is the best solution for people suffering from ocular surface disorders like dry eye syndrome. It brings immediate and lasting relief with every blink. The unique formulation continually refreshes and stabilizes the tear film provinding superior comfort with fewer applications.

The unique and easy to use delivery system, with an anti-bacterial tip, sophisticated one way valve and air filtration system, allows each and every viscoadaptive drop to be delivered sterile and preservative-free.

Blink activated i-drop® with viscoadaptive HA offers your patients:

  • Immediate and lasting relief
  • Superior comfort
  • Fewer applications
  • Easy to use squeeze bottle

i-drop® Pur provides immediate, long lasting relief for mild to moderate dry eye disease and is indicated or use with contact lenses. i-drop® Pur contains 0.18% preservative-free viscoadaptive hyaluronan in a 10 mL bottle.

i-drop® Pur GEL provides immediate, long lasting relief for moderate to severe dry eye disease and is indicated or use with contact lenses. i-drop® Pur contains 0.3% preservative-free viscoadaptive hyaluronan in a 10 mL bottle.